Friday, February 26, 2010

Cook Ahead??

Do you cook meals and freeze them ahead of time, do you make a weekly or monthly menu, or do you just wing it? I am guilty of all 3 and I have to admit that I spend way more money when I wing it. I have started making a monthly menu. I stick to it for the most part but may draw arrows and move meals around to fit our schedule (or my taste buds). I TRY to cook a few things up ahead of time but have been lazy the past few months in doing so. Sometimes I try to brown some meat or boil some chicken so it's easy to thaw and use for casseroles or soups. I am going to stay in tonight and empty out the pantry with what I have so MAYBE I can save even more on my March groceries. Do you have a great recipe for cooking ahead and freezing?Would love for you to share it if you do. I'll let you know how my Friday evening of cooking ahead goes.

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